Tailored solutions

Many of our clients are experienced investors who are keen to source products and services that go beyond those offered over-the-counter by banks and financial institutions.

These more experienced investors may have unique ideas, strategies and insight for their ideal investment requirements.

Through long-term, established relationships with the major global investment banks, at Royal Crown we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to design the investment solution that best fits their needs. We are able to tailor investments to precisely match each client’s specific requirements.

As an example of what this means to an investor, imagine that you have an in-depth knowledge and understanding in the pharmaceutical market and would like to have your money exposed to particular pharmaceutical stocks whilst receiving a monthly income from your invested capital. We can tailor a solution that meets that criterion.

Or, if you are an oil executive and your knowledge of the market leads you to believe that the sector will perform well over the next 2 years. You want full exposure to the index whilst having a 6-monthly income and a guarantee of your invested capital. We can help develop an investment solution for you.

Whatever your particular needs and requirements – indeed, even if you believe your needs are unrealistic and can’t be met, speak to us; you might just be surprised at the bespoke investment solutions we are able to offer.

At Royal Crown, we provide truly tailored solutions and investment opportunities to our clients based around each client’s very specific requirements. 

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